Welcome to Stove Scotland

Supply and install

As local market leaders, we have access to every stove and flue system available. We also provide a wide range of supply and installation packages to meet your requirements and budget.

Install only

If you have already purchased a stove on your own, then we can send an expert, friendly and certified engineer to do your installation for you.

Bespoke hearths and mantles 

We carefully and creatively handcraft all of our hearths and mantlepieces ourselves to a very high standard. We can prepare these to any size or finish you can imagine, and can also install these for you if required.

Supply only

We can supply you with anything you that you might need for your fire, stove or flue. We have access to a huge range of full systems and individual components.


To keep your stove in tiptop shape, some careful TLC is required. We offer a full professional maintenance and chimney sweep package so that you and your family will enjoy your stove for years to come.

Why Install a Stove?

Wood burning stoves are incredibly popular at the moment and it’s easy to see why. With more and more home owners making the switch. But why have they become so popular ?

  • A stove creates an ambient cosy room
  • If you can source the wood yourself you have a free heating appliance in your home.
  • A stove can cut your energy bills by as much as 40%
  • Installing a stove is an investment with returns after year 3
  • Our customers regard the stove installation as one of the best value for money and worthwhile additions they have made to their homes.


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